Free Monthly Baby Loss Support Groups

Run by Dr Kara Davey, Clinical Psychologist and loss Mum

I offer two 60 minute support sessions on the first Sunday of every month

How do the sessions work?

  • Attendees are usually parents who have lost a baby in the mid-late stages of pregnancy, during birth or in the first year of life.

    However, you are welcome if your loss is earlier or later too.

  • The aim of the group is to provide emotional support, it is not a therapy group.

    The groups are a really gentle and safe space to be with others who understand your

    devastating loss and want to talk about their baby.

  • Each week we will discuss topics that are important and timely to attendees.

    For example, how the past month has been, upcoming significant events, milestones,

    support/understanding from others.I will also provide a theme for each group to give a focus, where helpful.

  • Attendees often support each other and share useful tips for coping with their grief.

    You can also ask questions to other group members or to Kara directly.

  • Attendees frequently report feeling comforted and less isolated after coming along.

  • The groups take place virtually, over Zoom.

    However, there’s no pressure to have your

    camera or microphone on. It’s ok to simply listen or type in the chat box when you want to speak if you’d prefer.

Session Timings

  • Baby Loss Group

    Each Sunday at 7.30 pm

  • Pregnancy After Loss Group

    The 8.30pm group (for those wanting to

    discuss trying again, their rainbow

    pregnancy and or parenting their rainbow)

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