Employees Navigating Fertility Treatment And Child Loss Often Struggle In Silence

But You Can Now Support Your Staff Through These Difficult Times.

Dr Kara Davey, Senior Clinical Psychologist is launching the first ever fertility and baby-loss support membership for employees.

Kara has expert knowledge, as well as clinical and personal experience of fertility challenges and baby loss.

Her ‘Supporting The Silent Struggle’ (STSS) membership, allows you to provide top quality, professional help from a fertility and baby loss specialist to your employees, WITHOUT adding any additional pressure to your management team.

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Why would you as an employer want to better support you staff with fertility challenges and/or baby loss?

Staff support for infertility and baby loss is an area that’s traditionally difficult for employers to navigate.

If an employee doesn’t feel well supported by their workplace when they experience difficult life events (including fertility challenges and/or baby loss), very often they start planning their exit from the organisation.

Many talented employees are now specifically seeking out employers who are known to value and honour staff well-being, including those who specifically prioritise fertility support.

Offering employees professional help to support their difficult fertility journey or to help them after losing a baby will give you a competitive edge when it comes to attracting top talent and it will help you to retain a happy and productive workforce.

Fertility issues and child loss are statistically likely to affect your staff

According to NHS figures, around one in seven couples have difficulty conceiving.

Those undergoing cycles of IVF treatment often do so without feeling in a position to share what’s going on with their employer. 

As a result, employers are left in the dark and unable to offer support to staff when they most need it – during treatment, which is usually physically and emotionally exhausting.

One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage.

Specialist therapy for those who’ve suffered baby loss in any of its forms (miscarriage, neonatal death, stillbirth, Termination For Medical Reasons (TMFR), Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), accidental or fatal illness in infancy) can be extremely challenging to find.

There are approximately 14 stillbirths per day in the UK alone.

Many people who experience a Stillbirth develop trauma symptoms, which will vastly improve with trauma therapy.

However, sadly very few bereaved parents are correctly assessed by a trauma specialist who can advise them of this.

Any therapy offered via the NHS or any counselling available from local baby-loss charities is often time limited and non-specialist.

In most areas NHS support is only on offer to the woman/birthing partner.

In some areas, no support is available at all for baby loss, unless an individual has private health insurance or can afford to self-fund therapy.

The average cost of one session with a Clinical Psychologist is £120.

Consequently, 6 months of 1:1 therapy with a Clinical Psychologist who would someone who needs to self-fund treatment £3,120.


Supporting The Silent Struggle Membership

The STSS membership offers specialist support for employees who are going through the complex challenges of infertility, secondary infertility, fertility treatment and/or who have experienced the tragedy of baby loss.

(Places on the STSS membership are limited)

How the STSS membership works

For You, The Employer

As the employer, you purchase licences for membership, which are then available to staff in your organisation on request. 

We recommend developing a culture where utilising this support is actively encouraged.

Ideally, this means that individuals do not need to go directly to their managers to request a licence, in case they feel uncomfortable doing so.

Each licence gives one person access to the STSS membership (including all online resources and support groups) for 6 months.

For Your Employee, the membership includes:


A specialist 1:1 session

Each member gets a 45 minute, online, confidential consultation session with Dr Kara Davey.

When joining an online membership, people often describe feeling overwhelmed by the information on offer.

Consequently, Kara ensures that each member receives personalised advice, letting them know what external support is available as well as guiding them towards which section of the membership content is most appropriate for their specific circumstances.

A wide range of online modules and resources

This hub of resources and useful information is available in the online membership 24/7.

A detailed breakdown of what’s included in the portal can be found in the next section.

Weekly group drop-ins for emotional support

These are supportive sessions, based on a proven therapeutic model.

Kara runs similar groups in her therapy practice, and attendees describe feeling comforted and supported during these sessions, while also reducing feelings of isolation

See below for more information on how the sessions work.

Monthly Q&A support

The Q&A sessions provides members with an opportunity to ask any questions they have about the membership.

Members can also make requests for additional content or for guest speakers to speak in the membership in future.

What exactly is included inside the membership portal?

The video content and resources describe how individuals commonly feel physically and emotionally, as well as highlighting practical difficulties associated with a wide range of fertility issues and/or types of baby loss.

The Modules Include:

Emotional Support and Validation for…

When conceiving is hard

The physical and emotional strain associated with cycles of IVF

Whether to try another round of IVF

Considering alternative routes such as using a donor egg or adoption

The solo parenting journey using sperm donation


Termination for medical reasons (TMFR)


Neonatal death

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or unexplained infant death (UID)

Accidental death of an infant

Fatal childhood illness

Useful information, resources and coping strategies such as…


Understanding what free support is available from the NHS and from nationwide charities


Strategies for managing stress, anxiety, low mood and the relentlessness of the process


Reducing loneliness and isolation


Coping with the pain of seeing pregnant women and/or the envy that other people’s children can evoke


Understanding grief and strategies that aid coping


Understanding the impact of trauma on your emotions, body, thoughts, behaviours and functioning.


Whether to pursue a claim of negligence


Parenting while grieving


How to talk to children about losing a sibling


Trying again after loss


Helping family and friends to best support you


How to talk to your colleagues about your experience


Considerations to help a smooth transition back to work after loss

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How the Online Support Sessions Work

Attendees can attend as many of the groups as they feel would be helpful for them throughout the duration of their membership.

They provide a great opportunity for members to share their experience and receive emotional support.

Due to the sensitive nature of the topics being discussed in these groups, the theme of each group changes weekly. This enables all members to attend at least one monthly group with other people who are likely to specifically relate to their challenges.

For example:

Week 1

For those experiencing difficulties conceiving and/ or going through IVF

Week 2

For those who have experienced first trimester losses, TMFR and/or recurrent loss

Week 3

For those who have experienced second or third trimester losses, a loss during labour or a neonatal loss

Week 4

For those who have lost an infant in the first year of life

Week 5

Members can ask Kara any questions they have in relation to the content on the resource hub. 

Please note: The themes will change if necessary depending on the needs of the members attending.

WhatsApp groups will be set up to ensure that no-one feels marginalised when accessing support.

For example, a dads-only or a LGBT group may be helpful, if there are multiple dads members or LGBT members looking to connect with like-minded others.

The power of connecting with other people who really get how you are feeling can never be underestimated!

Is the STSS membership applicable to your organisation?

The ‘Supporting The Silent Struggle’ (STSS) membership is for all organisations who recognise the importance and the benefits of supporting their employees with fertility challenges and following infant loss.

Because STSS is a bolt-on service, your organisation can easily provide this specialist professional wellbeing support to your employees, without any restructuring or major upheaval required.

Flexibility in the number of licences you purchase means your workforce gets access to a support service that’s in line with your business operation.

And because your employees’ welfare is taken care of in confidence by us, you know that your staff have access to the support they need, without placing any undue strain on your HR department.

Looking after your workforce’s psychological well-being is one of the simplest ways to nurture a culture of inclusivity and productivity.

It shows employees that you truly value them and are not just ticking the wellbeing box.

Meet The Founder

Dr Kara Davey is an award-winning, HCPC registered and BPS approved Clinical and Coaching Psychologist with over 15 years’ experience.

She is also a trauma specialist accredited with the EMDR Association UK.

Kara is the founder of ‘Kara Clinical Psychologist in Sussex’ and ‘Dr Davey Coaching’.

Kara provides coaching and therapy to individuals, as well as supporting organisations to enhance their team’s performance and well-being via training, workshops, webinars, team away days/ day retreats, consultation and wellbeing memberships.

Kara’s clinical experience before founding her own practices

Kara has worked in a wide range of NHS services.

She developed a service to help individuals hospitalised with life changing injuries following traumatic incidents such as road traffic accidents or assaults.

She also worked in occupational health within the NHS, and for Sussex and Hampshire police headquarters, supporting emergency services personnel affected by trauma experienced whilst in the line of duty. 

Why Kara is launching STSS

Following a difficult fertility journey herself, including experiencing multiple missed miscarriages, miscarriages and a stillbirth in late pregnancy, Kara began providing specialist support to individuals who were struggling to conceive, had experienced difficult neonatal stays or who had tragically lost their baby/babies. 

Kara is extremely passionate about supporting other bereaved parents.

She provides monthly online baby loss support groups. She has developed leaflets, written a book and offers free resources which are all available here.

She continues to provide specialist fertility and baby loss therapy, as well as managing a team of other experienced psychologists to help her meet client demand.

Kara is a Trustee for the baby loss Charity Oscar’s Wish Foundation and also provides supervision to staff working in loss services within the NHS and to SANDS befrienders.

Kara says “I have witnessed far too many talented men and women leaving organisations due to feeling unsupported after baby loss and/or fertility difficulties and I avidly want to stop this happening”. 

Her clinical experience prompted her to start helping organisations better understand and support their staff’s well-being in relation to fertility and baby-loss.

Many of Kara’s clients have said that they wish they could clone her to help more people.

This membership is an exciting new development that will enable Kara to help many more people.

All companies that sign up to the membership receive an employer recognition badge.

You can use the STSS logo and will be added to Kara’s company websites as an employer that prioritises fertility and baby loss support.

This can give you a competitive edge on attracting top talent.

Individuals who have left employers that don’t prioritise staff well-being search directly for companies who are demonstrating that they do holistically care about staff’s well-being.

Many businesses are beginning to understand that fertility and baby loss is likely to affect a significant proportion of their employees.

While starting conversations and bringing awareness is a great first step, the STSS membership is a simple and affordable way for you to offer practical and accessible support too, which will benefit you and your employees.


The average cost of 6 months of 1:1 support with a clinical psychologist is £3,120

In contrast, a licence for 6 months access to the STSS membership costs only £997, with discounts available for organisations who bulk buy.

AND those joining the waiting list now, will be offered the opportunity to purchase licenses for the bargain price of just £497!!!

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If you have any questions, please fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note, membership places are limited to ensure that the support groups are not too big and are therefore remain therapeutic and not overwhelming for those who attend

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